Angela Leong


BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Canadian Psychological Association

About Me

PHONE: (604) 800-9285

SPECIALTIES: Abuse, Anxiety, Chromic Illness, Chronic Pain, Coping Skills, Family Issues, Relationship Issues, Peer Relationships, Self-esteem, Spirituality, Trauma or PTSD, Women’s Issues

TYPES OF THERAPY: Attachment-based, Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Emotionally Focused, Gestalt, Gottman, Mindfullness Based Therapy (MBCT), Trauma Focused

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Canadian Psychological Association

LANGUAGES: English, Cantonese

CLIENT CATEGORIES: BiSexual, Gay, Heterosexual, HIV/AIDS, Lesbian, Transgender

AGE GROUPS: Teens (14-19 years), Adults (20+)

FEES PER SESSION: $120+tax for Individuals, $185+tax for couples

What are your deepest fears and anxieties? If you could speak from the inner child in you, what would he or she say? When we speak from that hidden place, we often find negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs. Bringing these maladaptive ways of regarding the self into awareness is the start of a healing journey. We become more clear with our boundaries, needs and values. My clients find that with this new found knowledge, they have improved relationships with others, including friends, family members and spouses. Through our relationship, I empower my clients to find the answers from their highest selves. I am not here to advise, fix or preach — although I can offer strategies to manage feelings of anxiety. True healing comes from two souls making contact. I can also offer plant medicine integration therapy, for those who have returned from spiritual journeying. I’m here to be human with you. I’m here to look at all the thoughts and feelings you aren’t proud of and the ones that you are. The more of yourself that you bring into the room, the more you get out. It might take you months to decide that you’re ready for counselling, perhaps even years. But when your intuition tells you it’s time, make sure you listen.