How KanReach works

So you’ve had it up to here trying to find a mental health professional online. We’re  totally with you on that!

At KanReach we know that you want to be happy, feel fulfilled, and problem free. In order to do that, you need a mental health professional. The problem is finding a therapist or coach is confusing.There are too many websites and listings. None of them give you information on which therapist is right for you which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

We believe life is too short and you shouldn’t waste your time endlessly searching. We understand that it’s challenging, we want to help which is why Kanreach was created. This website was created so you can reach (Kanreach) the right therapist for you. This is a website created by counsellors who understand the importance of the connection between mental health professional and client in the therapeutic process. We’re here to help you find that connection.

Here’s how we do it for you for FREE


Enter in your postal code or city and we’ll display all therapists in your local area.

Choose your therapist

Everyone is different in their counselling needs! That’s why our counsellor profiles are set up for you to easily identify your best match!

Set up a session

Counsellor profiles are set up with all the information you need to set up an appointment.

Grow and thrive!

So, stop wasting your time being frustrated and instead get to connecting, growing, and being fulfilled with your life!

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