Our Story

At KanReach we believe you can reach your goals

KanReach is a site created by therapists with the goal of helping clients and mental health professionals come together.  At KanReach we know that a huge part of the coaching process comes down to the connection between the Therapist and Client. We want to make it easy so that clients can reach (kan reach) their ideal therapist and vice versa.

With the internet we have access to a wealth of information in mere seconds. However, the challenge of having so much information at our fingertip is filtering through all the noise. For the client and counsellor relationship this means that:

  • When clients are trying to find a mental health professional they’re overwhelmed with options – personal websites, clinic websites, blogs, etc.  
  • Likewise for mental health professionals trying to grow their private practice, they are challenged with finding a way to reach their clients 

This is a lot to handle for both clients and therapists. We know this because we’ve been there and we understand how challenging it is. This is why we’ve created this website. We want to help you cut through that noise and get to what you came here to do – connect!

If you have any more questions about KanReach please feel free to reach out to us by visiting our Contact Page.

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